Friday, December 7, 2012

2 of 5 Reasons I Think College Students TANK in College

4.) Global "Screwspecitve."

After being on missions trips and study abroad trips, students tend to develop a different world view than their parents and grandparents who traveled the world under very different circumstances. The information age has also brought a global awareness not seen in history. 

This is a great thing that allows us to really educate ourselves on the world and be a better witness for Christ. 
However, what exactly is being accomplished in the current youth mission paradigm? A one year, one semester or 10 day trip in another country as a student gives one a great cultural experience but doesn't really tap one into the nuts and bolts of how that particular society works. However, many students don't see it that way. They see themselves as ones who understand the world, the Global economics, and foreign relations. When one travels the world as a student, the perspective gained can be quite limiting. 

For example, I read a story about a youth group that traveled to south america to help build a church building for a local community church. The students in several different trips spent the summer interacting with the local community, bringing clothing and other necessities for the village, and building the Church. When the students returned, they returned with a sense of the culture and a perspective that they understood the needs of the community. When the students all left, the locals didn't really use the building. The quality was much poorer than what the locals could have built themselves. The locals were much more interested in getting to know the students. So there was an atmosphere in the village that was not normally there through the summer. After the students left life went back to normal in the village. So the students never really saw "normal" life in the village nor did they met any real need. 

This skewed perspective of the world leads to false assumptions carried onto mission fields, mission boards, and mission programs in churches. These false assumptions lead to very bad mission strategies and in the end make a large number of people in effective in the world....all while thinking they really do understand. 


Jake Bowman said...

What about the fact that they aren't being forced to go to church by their parents once they get to college. They may have already been headed in this direction but now given the opportunity to make their own decisions about faith they choose a path different from their parents. Parental influence does account for most people's choice in religious denomination.

Andrew Castro said...

Yep, this is just reason 2 of 5.

Jake Bowman said...

Clearly I am not patient enough for this series.

Jake said...

You need to resume this blog/series.