Sunday, November 4, 2012


Foundations of economic Depressions
Uniformly form formidable Youth
Calling on Him. Him, the Capital H I M, thanks Gaga yes, GOD.
Knowing brings no comfort, Truth sobers, Perspective confirms the yearns of infallible Bible.
You reflect on time, time is an illusion, past present future, vapor, vapour,
Outnumbered, Outmatched
Unprepared, Understaffed Overexposed, exposed light, Expose light to press forward.
Sanctified, Child of God, Victory inevitable
Ant-Victory inevitably wrong knowing, Falsehood False Perspective
Thanks be to GOD. The Peace of God leads to understanding, Mind in Christ Jesus, True Peace.
Arch-nemesis, lion on the prowl to devour, only weapons are thoughts, God won, mind must accept victory
No man can fight and win, know God to fight and win, no war is worth losing, Know war it's worth winning.

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