Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Multiplicative Small Group

Multiplication is better than addition. 

Consider the following:

The disregard for qualitative assessment within the faith is a pseudo-noble position that allows us to celebrate failure while convincing the mind that the real goals are intangible and have already been met. The mandate is clear(Matt 28:19-20). With any other investment of time, money, or passion, diminishing returns are not held high as the ideal achievement. 

Consider the following general equation:

T = [Li*(L+G+1)]*2^(t/n)

Li = The initial number of Active Small Group Leaders
L = The number of Leaders in Training
G = Average size of the small group minus the Active and in training leaders. 
t = Number in years
n = Number of years to train a Leader in training to become and active leader
T = Number of people involved in Small groups after a certain number of t years. 

So if I start with 3  leaders who have groups of about 10 people; each active leader investing in 2 leaders in training. In 3 years time, each leader in training leaves to build an independent small group.

T = [3*(2+10+1)]*2(t/3)
T = [39]*2^(t/3)  

t = 0, T = 39
t = 9 T = 312
t = 15, T = 1,248

Starting with 3 groups of 13 which is 39 people total, in 15 years small groups will have a population of over 1200.

You can obviously use the general equation and tweak the numbers to fit your faith community. For example, if you start with 50 leaders and use 10 people per group and change over every 2 years, in 20 years you are almost at 200,000. 

Why Small Groups?

Small groups are best for adaptability  Books, programs, heroes, and movements will come and go in 15 years. A small group leader will help the group measure and process within the context of a small group.

This is of course, what the master modeled.

"We are dealing with people not numbers!" This is of course true and the numbers will never rigidly match reality, that is not the equations purpose. It isa  model to give a ball park expectation level. I believe sometimes we allow ourselves to have low expectations and we cry "Victory!"

¡Viva la RevoluciĆ³n!

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