Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why adoption?

Starting our 2nd year of waiting to be matched with a birth-mother for our domestic adoption, Christa and I often get the question why are we choosing to adopt?

For us, the reason is simple. Impact.

Here recently I have given much reflection to adoption and have come to the conclusion that it may help solve many issues we debate in church and politics. The greatest impact that a person has usually comes from parents. Parents can impact and influence their children more than teachers, friends, co-workers, pastors, politicians, and role models if they choose to. It is from this platform that I believe the most impact and opportunity to mentor will be in my own home.

It is interesting that right now at church more children are being baptized than adults. We do a better job of reaching, evangelizing, discipling, training, commissioning and mentoring our own families than we do the outside world. So the answer was simple, bring the outside world into my home.

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