Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Random Rant: Politics

I love the political years for the slander, misleading ads, twisting opponents words and rhetorical posturing. I am looking forward to the political debates to see just how much mudslinging each opponent will get away with before crossing some imaginary 'line' we are all supposedly in agreement on.  I like the twisting and slandering for one specific purpose; it helps me understand how Satan works. In Genesis 3 we see Satan dialogging with Eve about what God 'Actually' said when it came to the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. His purpose was to deceive and manipulate behavior, and he succeeded. His approach is what every politician hopes to master, the power of rhetoric.

Engineering school taught me one thing very well, how to argue. In order for someone in Math, Physics or Engineering to believe you, you must start with known laws, axioms and postulates and logically step through a series of agreed upon conclusions building an irrefutable case for your hypothesis. We call these proofs. When you make a logical fallacy in this field, your 'answer' or 'conclusion' is absurd. Math essentially teaches one how to logically argue.

So debate SHOULD be arguments, but more than not is nothing more than rhetorical sparring. Saying something that sounds like you just 'owned' your opponent but in reality said nothing, proved nothing. This is EXACTLY what political debates are. There is hardly any substance, and its all political posturing.  This is EXACTLY how Satan works. He makes statements, brings pseudo arguments and makes it sound like he 'owned' you and in reality said nothing, proved nothing.

Rhetorical posturing works: most people vote based on that.
Rhetorical posturing works: Satan deceives people.

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