Friday, September 21, 2012

Michael's Poem

Who among the mortals will chose the higher way? How can these mortals perceive? How can they find what they cannot perceive? Who among the fallen has revealed a better way, a higher truth, or fuller life?

Glory is not attained by their kind.

Their perceptions limited so that faith comes by choice and not force.
Their power is weak and understanding shallow yet their heart is eternal.
Their wisdom and philosophy lack depth and perception.
Their revelation is so simple, the windows of depth confuse them yet their hearts can understand.
So empty their happiness, so dark their emptiness.

They allow opinion and emotion to cloud judgment and sound reason.
They trust tradition more than truth and opinion more than the maker.
So weak and insignificant, they compare among themselves to attain value and worth. They build empires unto themselves, yet they fear us.
They trade immortality for the immortality of moments.
They are given weapons to fight an enemy they cannot see and defend a spirit they cannot touch all while believing in a God they cannot understand.

Yet some believe. Who are they; these passionate warrior poets; neglected and embarrassing yet honest to their depravity. So zealous and unwise, they fight so earnestly to please. The maker chooses to love.

These mortals pray and move the maker.
The maker is a mystery.
The fallen had their moment, the fallen has their eternity.
The maker moves.
He is so gracious with them. He loves patiently.

So strange, this humanity.