Saturday, September 1, 2012

Intro To Acts - Andy

Time line of the Old Testament

Authorship of Acts
Luke 1:1 - 4
Acts 1:1
Col 4:14

Luke, the beloved physician writes a narrative from compiling personal experience, eye witness accounts and   historical records both the Book of Luke and the Book of Acts.

28 chapters
1,007 verses

Written before the fall of Jerusalem, after Paul's imprisonment. Probably around 65AD

Purpose of Book:
Narrative - to give an accurate account of events. It is not a book that gives explicit doctrine, although doctine will line up with historical events.

II Tim 3:16 - All scripture is given for Doctrine...
II Pet 1:20 - The Bible is Divinely Inspired

Theme of Acts: To show a detailed account of the movement of the Holy Spirit through the Jews most significant transitions:

Law to Grace
Old Testament to New Testament
Synagogue to Church
Peter to Paul
Jew to Gentile

From the Timeline above the Prophets gave hope to the Jewish people of a coming messiah that would lead the charge for Israel to have rule once again. Jesus confirms this as he is on earth, and the Disciples ask in the 1st chapter when this will occur. The Jews who could not recognize Jesus because they had sacrificed the Truth on the alter of their own Pride, rejected him. He dies and leaves without fullfilling all the prophecies and the angels tell the disciples he will return.

Challenge:  Jesus in Hebrew is Joshua. Joshua was a conqueror, and that was what the Jews considered salvation. They never anticipated that they were the ones needing salvation.
Just as Acts records the most significant transition in Jewish History, so should your conversion be the most significant transition in your life.

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