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Proverbs 30

Prov. 30 – notes
Vs.1-3: Authorship. The text is attributed to Agur. There are several names that show up, Jakeh, Ithiel, and Ucal. Since 29 chapters are directly linked to Solomon and the last 2 are not and have different names, the natural assumption is to believe this to be someone other than King Solomon. However, there is Jewish tradition that holds that both Agur and King Lemuel(Chapter 30) are in fact King Solomon.

Vs. 4 – Deals with Riddle of the Universe.
·        Job 38:4-9
·        “He would not have ventured this question if he did not suppose that God was not a Unity who was without manifoldness in himself” Wycliffe Commentary on Prov. 30:4.
·        Cosmological argument: If all things in the universe have a cause, what was the cause of the Universe?

Vs. 5 – Purity of God’s word, the individual words chosen to write the Bible have significance.
·        Psalm 18:30
Vs. 6 – Warning against changing God’s word
·        Det. 4:2
·        Rev. 22:19-21
Jews had a way of communicating in literature where they would emphasize in a series. Many times Jesus or other Jews would say things in a series and the emphasis naturally fell on the 4th thing.
·        Luke 6:20-23
·        Matt 5:3-6/7-10
Vs. 10 sets up the idea: don’t tattle
·        Vs.11-14
·        speaks 4 things about the generation
·        Curses father, does not bless mother
·        Pure in own eyes yet filthy
·        Lofty eyes
·        4th thing – Words and mouths are destructive a tie back to vs. 10
Vs.15 - The Horseleach cries Give Give
·        3 things that donot satisfy and 4 which say not “It is Enough”
·        Vs.16
o   Grave
o   Barren Womb
o   Earth for water
o   Fire tied back to vs. 15
Vs. 17 – The result of the Horseleach: Mocking father and disobeying Mother will cause you to die an no one care. People’s bodies are buried ceremoniously. Location of Graves was important in the old testament. This would have been terrible to be thrown out at death with no one caring for you. When you despise people, people will despise you. 
Vs18- 3 things are too wonderful, 4 which I can’t understand
·        Flight
·        Slithering snack
·        Buoyancy
·        Sex (In Context losing Virginity)
·        Vs. 20Ephasis here on Sex and it’s opposing vice the adulterous woman.
o   This could be a reference to Oral Sex
o   Song of Solomon 2:3
Vs. 21 – 23, 3 things where the earth is disquieted, and 4 it cannot bear
·        Servant when he rules
·        A fool when he is full with food
·        Odious Woman is married
·        Handmaid that is an heir to the Mistress Ruler’s wife
Vs.24 – 28, 3 things which are small yet wise
·        Ant – work in summer to have food in harvest
·        Conie – makes its’ home in the rocks
·        Locusts – are able to organize without a King
·        Spider – can hide in a Palace (Stealth)
Vs. 29 -31, 3 things which go well, 4 comely in going:
·        Lion
·        Greyhound
·        He goat
·        King
·        Challenge:
o   Prov. 28:1
o   Acts. 4:31
o   I Tim 3:13
o   Many Christians live life in fear or lack confidence in their walk, knowledge and understanding. What is attractive about our faith is not our insecurity and arrogance, but our boldness and humility.
Vs. 32 – Humility is better than pride, and sometimes we stick our foot in our mouths.
Vs. 33 Strife will always ensue when pushed

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