Sunday, June 5, 2011

What do you do?

Like most people, I have a hard time explaining what I "do" for a living. Technically, I am an Electrical Engineer working on an automation team; we design/build manufacturing equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Thats a bunch of geek speak for a team of guys who are responsible to make machines move.

But that got me thinking, how aware are we of how things work? Not just mechanical things, but people and systems. How do they work? And the bigger question: How does the world work? I don't think anybody really knows.

Look at your own job for example. People tell me all the time they butt heads with "the powers that be." Management and owners have little to no idea what or how people do what they do in the work place. Therefore, when they make decisions that make life harder and more difficult for everyone it looks to us like they are ignorant or inconsiderate. But maybe they made that decision so that everyone could save their job. On the other hand, maybe that decision so angered the employees that production went down 15%. The reality is, people make decisions based on their personal perspective. So if someone is not privy to all of the information, it will not be the best decision possible. No one is privy to ALL the information. Decisions are made and life goes on and sometimes the outcomes surprise us.

My point is, no one really knows how it all works.
Maybe that is why all world powers come to end, eventually.

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