Sunday, May 8, 2011

Total Inoculation

The typical growth model for church has minimal to moderate impact on the world. Many of the growing churches out there are enjoying the relocation of Christians or of Christians who have not been a part of the local church for quite some time. Most of us are ok with this because we don't know any better. We assume growth from the world is few and far between. This is a fallacy. And a fallacy I have bought into.

I believe that we have stopped expecting growth because our ways of reaching the lost world have become ineffective. Rather than changing ourselves, we stayed the same. As we reached less and less of the world, we simply concluded that the world is not interested in a genuine relationship with the Lord. The fact is many are interested; people have simply been inoculated with our methods, not our message.

People respond to a genuine interest in who they are and what they are about. Ask questions, understand people's passions, spend time in their world and then watch God work.

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