Sunday, April 3, 2011

Salvation Conundrum

In today's mantra of "All roads lead to God," it is easy to take the fundamentalist position of "only through Jesus is the road to Salvation." Easy because it stands in bright contrast to Society's position of inclusivism. I believe that only faith in Jesus Christ can save a person's soul. But A recent conversation with a friend of mine got me thinking about how this plays out. God tells us that we are held accountable to the Truth we have been given. Even Rom 1:20 states that the creation of the world is sufficient enough to reveal the God head so that people are without excuse. So naturally my question is at what point are we held accountable to Truth and at what level. Obviously someone who has never had the word of God and only Creation cannot be held to revealed truths found only in the word of God that I have read about. Furthermore, if calling on the name of Jesus is the road to salvation and through creation this is revealed then salvation from a creation only stand point is still through Jesus only the name and act of faith may be totally unrecognizable to you or I. This brings up all kinds of questions about devoted religious people following false doctrine, yet pray to God, have faith in Jesus and obey what they know. To what degree in western society is God considering a Truth to be revealed? Because we have Bibles available everywhere and free resources, is God considering the western world reached....just desolate. He may consider unreached people groups as people without the revealed Truth so because we have it in written form everyone here is covered?

Most Christians do not understand the Bible very well, and many are not aware that they are not Christian. As I testify of the grace of Jesus and witness his love and Gospel I am amazed at how ignorant people are of the faith. I would expect this from a group who has not been reached, but not people in the modern western world. When I explain it to them it is as if they are hearing it for the first time. So is God then considering this interaction as actually "hearing the Truth" and therefore they are now held accountable for what they know.

I would almost venture to say that God gives each one of us an "A-ha" moment when it all clicks and makes sense and our hearts are ready to accept. It is at that point that our crucial time has come to decide on Truth. I think to some degree what may be happening is everyone is getting the "A-ha" moment to varying degrees based on culture contextualization. This is the moment we are held accountable too.

So the Truth of the Word of God is upheald. Grace through faith, faith alone in Jesus Christ.

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