Sunday, January 30, 2011

Holy Sacred Cow

Without the willingness to let go of the fundamentals, we cannot assume that fundamental change can take place.
The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing but expecting different results. We must also be careful not to think change is the repackaging the same thing.

Church attendance nation wide is in decline yet spiritual interest seems to be an all time high. People are not turning to atheism in mass but turning to a personal construction of God, religion and church. Society views Truth differently now, so we must change how we present Truth. This requires Fundamental Change.

But, there are a few things church wide that keep us from doing that.

We are more concerned with not offending the "Christian Community" than getting our hands dirty and reaching people where they are at.

Derek Webb in his song "Wedding Dress" uses the word whore. He effectively banned himself from Christian book stores and even i-tunes.

The church refuses to be "Gay Friendly." This Effectively tells the world they have to change before coming to Christ. Homosexuality is a sin. We don't discriminate on many other sins, don't discriminate against that one.

The church continues to cater almost exclusively to white middle class heterosexual suburban households. I think we should open that up a bit.

The Christian Culture is a counter culture. But it is supposed to be outreach oriented. Where many other counter culture's are exclusive in nature, Christianity shouldn't be. Our counter culture is different from secular culture in all the wrong areas. We don't differ on divorce rates, or pornography viewing for example. But our movies for example are so different they don't make sense to the secular world, thus don't do accomplish their mission.

And when you bring these issues up, they are defended intensely. Well, that's fine, just don't expect any change. Because if you are not willing to change fundamentally, your fine with the state of Christianity as it is.

I am not.

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