Saturday, January 22, 2011

9 Kings

Sunday Morning: Mission number 1 Performance

I behave how I want to be Interpreted. The band performs, the speaker performs, we all perform; curtain call for the Brick and Mortar.

The Dichotomy:

We pass off adornment as love; love should be priority number 1. You're with me or 2 you're against me. To Perfect the "Christan Code" is to Advance on Jacob's Corporate Ladder. We scorn those who do not conform.

Hate the SIN love the SINNER, Great on paper but lost in translation to action. We judge 3, liberals, Homosexuals, and fornicators.

We need young families, people with money to finance the mission to the 5 least reached People Groups.

These 8 blocks are off limits. Protect yourself & Be Vigilant. We rebelled against racism 13 years ago and adopted socio-economic division.

Avoid the streets where men hope for 21.

Only allow true fellowship with those who believe in the Trinity(3) and are 4 point Calvinists.

9 kings

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あじ said...

I'm not sure I get all of the abstractions here, but I think get the gist. I probably shouldn't comment because I need to work on my cynicism. (And maybe because there are multiple incompatible definitions of the Trinity. But forget the Trinity: get the incarnation right first.)