Saturday, January 29, 2011

7 insights for 7 men

"7 times the righteous man falls
It only takes once to give up, and give power to my 7 enemies
490 times God forgives me
Seventy righteous men fall seven times"

Honor God on the seventh day, do this 7 times

Honor God on the seventh Year, do this 7 times

7 Continents to roam the planet

7 seas to cover the globe

7 keys to make music

7 colors to make a rainbow


Talon said...

On a numerology kick?

Lauren Chiodo-Benmuvhar said...

There are actually 12 keys hehe, and 24 if you count minors :-) 48 if you count majors, natural minors, harmonic minors, and melodic minors. 84 modal keys in total, 12 jazz keys, and a handful of other color keys. There are, however, only seven white keys in each scale on the piano lol!

Your post is fun--I love number stuff :-)