Saturday, December 11, 2010

Do away with Sunday Morning

In my opinion, Sunday morning is not a good time for "Church." Ie, the gathering of the faithful in worship, fellowship, and teaching. Because of a few significant cultural shifts I have 2 reasons for moving our "Time" of corporate worship.

1) The world has changed.
Church attendance was almost mandatory in the United States 100 years ago. Most of the population went to some church. Even if segments of the population did not attend church, the world shut down on Sundays. People stayed home with family and friends. It was ideal. Since most of the population went to a church, it was a good time to share the gospel teach the congregation and have activities for fellowship and ministry. Non Church-goers are generally available during traditional Sunday services. How many people could we have an impact on, if we stayed home, cooked breakfast and invited our neighbors and friends over?

2) The Worship Experience.
There is a reason why many events are held in the evenings. There is a certain natural vulnerability in the evenings. Most of my deep conversations have been in the evenings. Worship on Sunday nights to me has always been much more intimate. To me all of the efforts put forth on a Sunday morning could be multiplied simply by moving to a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night.

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あじ said...

The amusement of electricity! The unnatural thoughts it produces! Circadian rhythms cannot be forever ignored: our biology cannot be utterly trampled by social industrialization.

Sunday morning. Because there is sunlight. Because the sun arises to begin the week anew. Because the light of the dawn in our eyes—on our walls—recalls for us the Day Star arising in our hearts. If we can rise early to work, how much more should we rise early to worship, to serve, to expend effort, to work, to labor for the true Master?

Sanctuaries without windows are caves and prisons: catacombs of those waiting to escape the secret haunts of the dead and exiled and hunted. Light a candle in the night and remember your frailty: owls and rabbits were granted by their Creator that which only technological devisings may overcome.

Our lighting oscillates in continual defiance of biological constraints. To affront our Creator's set limits is a path to be trod with care. To block out the sun in a building is to have forgotten our place in the cosmic order which we ourselves did not create.