Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christianity Doesn't Work

"Christianity doesn't work." That is what a friend of mine shared with me in his lab at UMKC. He continued "It teaches that women are inferior, homosexuals are going to hell and the Bible is severely outdated. Humanity has moved on and Christians seem content to remain 50 years behind humanity. They slow progress by spreading ignorance."

So I asked him, have you ever read the Bible?
He replied, "well no, but I know what it says."
"How do you know what it says if you have never taken the time to read it?"
"Well, everyone knows what it says and there are plenty of books on it."

This attitude is surprising coming from a graduate student. In graduate school you learn to try and consult as many primary sources as possible. Secondary sources always bring an interpretation or perspective. So you cannot form an educated opinion using someones interpretations and not the primary source.

Anyone who has read the Bible understands that people, regardless of man, woman, or sexual orientation have an equal part of God's heart and desire.

"(He is) not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance." 2 Peter 3:9. His love is not partitioned more to one over the other. There is no sin that puts you farther away from God than someone else.

Rom 3:23 "For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God;" So no matter where you are coming from God accepts you. If you are a drunk, a drug user, liar, cheat, perverse, womanizer, slut, homosexual, judgmental, prideful, arrogant or whatever God promises forgiveness to anyone who accepts Jesus Christ to save them and lead them.

When posed with this information my friend refused to accept the idea that Christianity accepts all people. Because my friend did not mean "accept all people" he meant "accept all behavior." He wanted a God that tolerated everyone's sin and allowed your human nature to "self-actualize." God is not tolerant, God is patient.


Jake said...

I completely agree...but I only read the title to this blog.

acastro said...


Antonio said...

I completely agree...Becouse I read all the text and not just the title.
Thank you for sharing

Mike said...

I agree. And not just because Im a recovering Raytonian. Ha. Good point Andy. I had similar conversations when I took Western Civ in college. Most people read more Nitche, Kant, and Aristotle than they do the bible. They also still have no I idea what those guys said. The bible is actually easier to understand.

あじ said...

Perhaps, but "easier to understand" isn't a criteria I would automatically assume to be preferable, or even good. After all, spontaneous generation is easier to understand than, say DNA replication, but that's hardly renders the theory commendable.

But I won't make any pretensions to actually understanding, say, Leviticus. Intellectually I can grasp the words. I can make useful abstractions. I can even fill in gaps with theological constructs in an attempt to make it coherent and palatable. But actually understanding it, like I understand cubicle farms and rush-hour traffic? Certainly not.

“North American Christians are trained to believe that they are capable of reading the Bible without spiritual and moral transformation. They read the Bible not as Christians, not as a people set apart, but as democratic citizens who think their 'common sense' is sufficient for 'understanding' the Scripture. They feel no need to stand under the authority of a truthful community to be told how to read. Instead they assume that they have all the 'religious experience' necessary to know what the Bible is all about.”