Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our Song

Leadership is difficult right now. We know things should be different, but we don't know what they should look like. The mystery of the church is mystifying.

The role church plays in our individual life has changed. An emerging generation with less parental examples, flawed view of Love, and flawed view of God. Who will train them? Who will teach them?

The rift grows between old and young. The old used to teach the young. Now the old slow down the young. The young destroy what is important.

Our Song
To long we have gone without a song.
A dangerous song igniting forgotten passions
Of war, youthful zealousness, and love

A song whose rhythm is victory
The chorus humility
And the verse speaks of cruelty

If he has ears let him hear
A song crying in fear
Whose lyrics move us to death in tears

When dying we feel no sting
Singing a song only exiles sing
About a dream
to see our KingOur Song

Outlawed by the powers that be
To dangerous for complacency
To far for ordinary Christianity

A song that might unite the brethren
Rooted in the ancient glory of the eden
Making a congregational anthem sound like heaven

That’s Our Song
But when will we sing

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