Saturday, August 29, 2009

Religion may be Child abuse

In his Book, "The God Delusion," Richard Dawkins recalls a particular lecture on Religion. During the Q&A period of the lecture, a woman asked him about the sexual abuse of younger boys by Catholic priests. He responded by saying that although the sexual abuse was horrible, it was not as awful as the mental abuse of growing up a regular catholic. In other words, just being a regular church going individual means you are suffering great mental abuse at the hands of a priest, a rabbi, a pastor, a cleric or whoever. Dawkins argues that Religious dogma destroys your intellect and mental capacity because you are forced to believe things that are simply not true. In the defense of children, he views freedom from religion as a great moral tenant.

Timothy Keller recently stated that the "New Atheism" does not just promote that religion is dangerous but that religion in any form should receive no respect. That is to say, religious people really should not hold office or teach in schools because they will error to their religion and not the truth. The mental state of those individuals is irrational.

So in a total secular society, you could have your children taken from you, not because you physically abused them or sexually abused them but you mentally abused them. Mentally abused them by taking them to church and teaching them that God created everything, Jesus was real and died for your sins and if you don't believe that you are going to hell. What are your thoughts?

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あじ said...

This is a tired rehash of the objectivity fallacy. Dawkins cannot prove that atheists are more objective/unbiased than theists: all he can do is present anecdotal evidence and make assertions (and ignore the multitudes of believing scientists through the ages). Oh, and present an alternative religion of Statism or Scientism. The idea of the transcendent cannot be done away with.

For an interesting counter to Dawkins, I've been wanting to read Atheist Delusions by David Bentley Hart. If atheists need to forge their historiography and their philosophical depth is lacking, at the least they should try harder before expecting some respect.