Wednesday, August 5, 2009



So apologies to those who follow my Since I am 1/2 unemployed I figure I should be diligent and continue on some issues I have been pondering.

Let's begin with a small assessment of my current 'Bible Study.' The bible study itself covers quite a few subjects. We meet for anywhere between 2 and 3 hours. I know what you are thinking..."Wow, that's incredibly ineffective and so NOT post-modern." Well, post modernist, before we judge lets remember that the greatest contributor to ignorance is condemnation before investigation. My group is composed of all guys between 18 - 24 years of age. It started out with a slightly older demographic then the younger demographic stayed and the older ones had families and careers to think about. (3 hours is a time commitment most serious people will not commit to) It is a lot to ask, I realize that, but my target demographic is the 18 - 24 range. The formidable college age and entering career stage in life.

The thesis of the Bible Study is "Closed Principles and Open Methodologies." I got this from watching Mark Driscoll videos on Youtube. A very post-modern way to have a youtube... I mean bible study. It was the 2006 experiencing god conference. What Pastor Driscoll lays out is the tendency for churches with a great stance on the Word of God to have very closed methodologies and for churches with open methodologies to sometimes undermine the Word of God. He calls for a balanced approach: "Closed Principles and Open Methodologies."

After cramming 3 seminary courses into just three weeks, we started a slower paced investigation into being missional.

My goal is for the students to be more open. Open to be used of God in ways they would not have been open to before. You may think, wow that's a little scary. It is. Thus the need for, dependency on the Holy Spirit, Maturity, Discernment, Fruit of the Spirit, everything we are supposed to be working toward. It is kind of like being a bird learning to fly. You fall, you flap around like a crazy bird, and eventually you learn how to leave the ground. Leaving the ground is scary, your support system is gone, the nest is nowhere in sight. So you need discernment, maturity and experience. We can't just hang out in the nest all our lives watching movies and going out to eat with our christian friends, we need to venture out.

Anyway, the kids like it. At least 8 of them do. We call it Illuminati cause we are conspiracy theorist, go mel gibson, and like to pretend we are all secret agents.

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