Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Growth for an idealist

Never quite being able to realize the ideal is hard for an idealist. But God tends to allow this to humble me and let me know my ideals are a little off. I must realine my priorities.

Take our new group study with my hometeam as an example. We will be working through the primer for "The Tangible Kingdom." The book authored by Hugh Haulter and Matt Smay tells stories about creating incarnational ministry. http://www.tangiblekingdom.com/ Ideally, we could work though it with other couples. Since it does apply so richly to relationships that couples have. However, this will be a "guys only" study. I suggested what other group studies have done with the Primer and that is have half the couples meet and the other half take care of the small kids. Once the kids are of age, I think they should join the study. I have never really been excited about compartmentalizing all our groups all the time.

More recently I had such a hard time finding a job. My 'ideal' job just did not seem to be out there. Then it came, from a company not even hiring. Through a friend I received an interview and boom this job seeminly fit like a glove. Utilizing both my education and talents. It was fun to see God put me into a place that I wouldn't have really considered on my own. I was open to the idea but not excited at first. I looked into it more out of necessity and desperation. Then after prayer and consideration, I realized God did have a plan for me here.

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