Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Alternative Story

I was part of a group of students who took John's Gospel to remote tribes in the Ande's mountains in Peru. We hiked for days and spent our nights above the tree line. 4 of our group members fell sick. I had to stay up one night and work hydrating solution into one of the sick members who was in danger of dehydration. To keep warm above the tree line we had to make a fire out of animal dung. The trip really stretched everyone in the community. This experiance forced serious comunitas. Building your community around a mission, braving elements and trusting God for good weather and safe travel grew me.

These types of liminal experiances are useful in growing our faith, dependency on the Holy Spirit, and it really brings to light our attitudes and motives.

I have also been on missions trips where there were no challenges. There were no opprotunites to really grow. Although I did learn qute abit about a culture, language and way of life. I really did not engage.

I think liminal experiances are a good way to build community.

Ways to have Liminal Experiances through small groups
Initiate small groups built around prayer and evangelism.
THe small group infultrates a community, club, organizations built around common interest.
(Most small groups are built around geographic proximity not as much in common
interest proximity. But life, whether sports, job, church, politics is built around common
The group is a tangible representation of Jesus Christ.
Pray for the members in the group
Share life around food and other experiances
Use your proximity to proclaim the gospel

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