Friday, February 20, 2009

Habitual Blessing

For Christmas this year, I decided to write encouraging notes to all of my coworkers. On the card, I stated things I appreciated about them and thanked them for their friendship and work. My best friend and I used to do this on valentines day for many of our single girl friends. Just a few weeks ago one of those girls told me that what I had written was very prophetic in her life and meant a great deal. I remember God once placing my boss on my heart to pray for. My boss was new to management and I just stated how much their ability had grown and how I appreciated what they did. It was received very well.

I started thinking. What would happen if within our small groups in addition to living out life with other groups of people, praying and proclaiming the Gospel, we habitually blessed those within our group. If we demonstrated love to the world through words of affirmation, gift giving, quality time ect, what message would that send about Christ's love for them. For a culture that really values experience over empirical evidence, what a great way to demonstrate love to someone rather than trying to prove it to them.

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