Saturday, February 21, 2009

Financial Crisis, or Fanancial Blessing

God decided to have mercy on our Nation. The Financial Blessing is forcing Christians to grow in their faith. Satan wants us to prosper, he wants us to be in a position where it is easy to rely on ourselves. Because it is easier to depend on yourself and not on God. For if we rely on our own means for success and happiness, at most we can only experience what our humanity limits. When through humility we rely on the creator, only he has the power to bless beyond our manipulation. Because we are blessed in our character and integrity and not solely monetarily. Our Financial Blessing allows us to reconsider our priorities. It is important to note that prosperity as a nation is not inherently evil or bad in any way. It leaves us in a more difficult position to rely on the Spirit. Having our current situation on our lap is a blessing because it becomes a little easier to rely on God.

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