Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I sat in my first Contemporary Theology class this week. The class consists of weekly lectures, book assignments and online discussions. The class was not what I had anticipated. I had anticipated open discussion about where we are going as a church, how the emergent church has balanced our evangelical approach to our current culture and force us into real discussion about methodology and tradition. Instead it was a study in Theology. The pastor reminded us that there was "nothing new under the sun." But I don't think anyone in the room subscribed to their Theology. I think this approach fosters the very attitude that holds us back and does not move us forward in the great commission. My issue is not even in the presenter's content. He is very knowledgeable and I followed his critique logically and agreed with his position. In fact, I am for this type of class at the appropriate time. But the room is full of students of the bible from a fundamentalist background. They don't need ammo against the emergent church, they need a mature perspective.

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あじ said...

they need to question themselves - which might be a stretch. do not be afraid.