Friday, October 3, 2008

Then nature of mentorship

Business is changing in America. The ClueTrain manifesto written in 2000 illustrates a divide of new vs. old business. The old structure of top down, pyramid you-serve-me mentality was built on fear of job security and a modle of master-slave relationship. Even customers felt they were merely part of a pie-chart or statistic that determined how the business was going to make more money off of them rather than being concerned for their needs. New business describes the upside down pyramid, I-serve-you mentality. Employees feel the freedom to question the status-quo and feel that their opinion matter. Managers serve their employees so the employees can serve the customers. Instead of the CEO at the top, the customer is at the top. I ran into a "new business" model this week in Raytown. The place is known as David Lea Training. When you walk into the venue, you expect to see trim individuals all working out on elaborate machines and free weights. Instead what you find is a guy, David Lea, who wants to hear your story. Personal training to David is not about giving you a schedule and letting you lose in a gym. He believes in mentorship. He believes in listening, encouraging and teaching you. He truly is a "personal trainer." His philosophy for physical health is three-fold, cardiovascular training, strength training, and Yoga training. He believes that true physical fitness involves an approach that's holistic. By focusing in all these areas, he will help you develop a disciplined, consistent, rounded physical physique. Don't believe me, just check out his story. David himself was overweight and unsatisfied with his physical fitness. He has transformed his lifestyle and wants to teach you to do the same.

Check him out at :
6217 Blue Ridge Blvd.
Raytown, MO 64133


David Lea said...

This is great...thanks so much for you kind words and recommendations...we need to get a beverage soon!

David Lea

Jeff Adams said...

Andy, I've met David and his wife at community functions and they truly seem to practice what they preach. He is a tremendous addition to downtown Raytown as well as someone who has so much to offer to his clients. Thanks for featuring him.