Thursday, September 25, 2008

R-Town, the Possibility of Parkour?

Please take a minute to view the following educational video on Free Style Walking

As a high school student I began preliminary training on free style walking. Martial arts ended up taking over and I didn't pursue it to the degree I originally intended. But, I have always been fascinated by this sport. Currently gaining credibility in the United States this French born athletic art form, known as Parkour, was pioneered by David Belle. He is a physical educator, stuntman and actor who compiled his knowledge of martial arts, gymnastics, climbing and stunt coordinating to develop Parkour. The idea of Parkour is to practice efficient movements to escape a potentially hazardous situation. In a way, it is self defense. But really, the art of escaping. There is not particular field, only the obstacles found in a common Urban environment. The French word for the sport, Parkour,I am told means the art of movement. In English I have only heard this sport referred to as Free Style Walking.

I would venture to say that there exist a few daring and creative enough to practice the art of Parkour right here in Raytown. How fun would it be to drive by the park watching people back flipping off of jungle gyms, doing flips off of walls and dumpsters. It gives us the eclectic urban flare that I know already exists here.

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